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Would You Kill Hitler?

Suppose one morning you woke up living in Vienna circa 1905 next door to a mediocre watercolorist named Adolf Hitler. Knowing what you know now, what would you do? Would you befriend him and try to make him see the … Continue reading

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Was Mary Magdalene a Reformed Prostitute?

I heard it again the other day: “Mary Magdalene was a reformed prostitute.” This came from a preacher, no less. He should have known better. Absolutely nowhere in the Bible does it state that Mary Magdalene had any kind of … Continue reading

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What is a Christian?

What creeds do you have to recite to be a true Christian? What beliefs do you have to profess? Why complicate things? A Christian, put simply and completely, is someone who follows Christ. Because, in the end, it’s really not … Continue reading

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Is God Irrelevant?

If God is not actively working in the here and now and does not concern Himself with human affairs, then He is completely irrelevant. For all practical purposes, this would be the same as if God didn’t exist. As I … Continue reading

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