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You Do Not Have the Right To Kill Yourself

Some people think that suicide is a victimless crime. It isn’t. Suicides are not just killing themselves. That would still be very tragic. They are also killing every person they are to other people: They are killing their spouse’s spouse. They are killing their children’s parent. They  are killing their parents’ child. They are … Continue reading

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Why Live?!

Your life is useful. If you don’t want it, don’t throw it away. Give your life to others who can use it. Volunteer. Look for opportunities to help wherever you can. A life spent solely in the service of one’s … Continue reading

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Understanding God

The simple truth is that no single individual can possibly come close to understanding what this ‘God’ thing truly is. That would be even more inconceivable than a single cell in a person’s body understanding the whole body to which … Continue reading

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A Higher Self

Belief in a higher self is essential for normal human beings. I believe that few true atheists (loosely defined) exist. Most people who think they are atheists merely have a problem with the definition of God. The label ‘God’ is loaded … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions…

Sometimes decisions are hard, especially if you suffer from major depression and indecision like I do. Here’s a little checklist that might help: Are you of sound mind and body? Are you currently able to make a relaxed, informed decision? … Continue reading

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Sex and Violence In the Media

Why is America so violent? Could it be the values we inadvertently teach our children? We sometimes allow children to view the most disturbing images of sadistic murder and violence imaginable with little more than a tacit warning. And yet, it … Continue reading

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Is Time Consistent?

How do we know time travels in one direction at a consistent pace? If time went backwards we would forget the future and all evidence of it would be undone. If it sped up or slowed down our awareness would … Continue reading

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True Randomness

Quantum theory proves that true randomness does in fact exist. The previous model postulated that unpredictability was due to partial ignorance of all influencing factors. An interesting thought related to true randomness: If a person went back in time to observe … Continue reading

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Quantum Probability

In order for an observed outcome to be predictable to 100% (effectively) at a macroscopic level it need only be predictable to infinitesimally over 50% at a quantum level. All outcomes are based on random probability. The fact that we observe … Continue reading

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The Definition of Insanity

Whoever said that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ has apparently never gone fishing… or never really done anything else repeatedly for that matter. Scientifically speaking, if an experiment … Continue reading

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