Aren’t We All Just a Little Religious?

religionI hear people say all the time that they are not at all religious. I don’t believe a word of it. Religion is hardwired into our basic DNA. Some call it superstition. We all have it to some extent. What many persons do NOT have is organized religion.

All belief systems are ultimately based on faith. If a person believes there exists an objective truth or an objective morality that is a ‘religious’ belief. If a person believes there is NO such thing as objective truth or morality, that too, is a specific religious belief.

I am religious. For years my religion was uniquely my own. Now, it is very heavily influenced by the Christian faith. I therefore call myself a Christian, though many of my more strange or esoteric beliefs are not necessarily supported by that religion. But my core beliefs are pretty much in line with Christianity. So now I am a member of an organized religion. I always wanted to be more organized. 😉

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