Back to the Future

2000px-Two_red_dice_01.svgSuppose you could go back in time to relive last week. Winning the lottery would be a cinch, right? Wrong. Even if you memorized the winning numbers from last week’s lottery, chances are, they would be different this time around. You see, all probabilistic outcomes are just as probabilistic when reliving the past. That is the nature of truly random probability. There is no destiny.

Why? Because by returning to the past, you entered into a completely different reality (or timeline if you prefer). This timeline shares a history with your previous reality up until the very point you returned. Then everything occurs according to the same random probability that governed the previous outcomes.  There is still a 50% chance of rain, whether or not it occurred in your last timeline. That coin flip still has a 50% chance of turning up heads. And you still have a “one in a billion” chance of winning that lottery, despite having all the “winning” numbers.

Randomness is real, whatever history you are revisiting. It is not simply a matter of not knowing all the forces at work that makes us unable to predict the future with a 100% degree of accuracy. The element of randomness in all events makes them inherently unpredictable with absolute certainty.



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