Bad Theology

People are leaving the church in droves. What’s the problem? The obvious answer is, of course, “Christians”. The public perception of the ‘typical’ Christian definitely needs a PR makeover. The other answer may not be so obvious: “Nonessential Doctrine”. I’m not just talking about “bad” theology or dogma but all unnecessary doctrine in general. Church doctrine is about 98% garbage, in my opinion. If it is not absolutely *crucial* to the Christian faith, it needs to be dumped. At best it’s superfluous, at worst it’s divisive. Few things are worse for PR than Christians arguing heatedly about something as pointless as ‘how many angels can dance on the head of a pin’.
My criteria for essential doctrine is simple: a) Does it directly and obviously reflect the Love of God and/or His Son, Jesus Christ? b) Is it simple enough for a child to understand? c) Is it *absolutely* necessary to believe it to follow Christ?
If it doesn’t meet all three of these criteria, I am of the opinion that it should be given the boot.

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