Does The Bible Say That All Suicides Go To Hell?

x--Samson7aI don’t really understand where the supposedly “Christian” idea that all suicides go to Hell comes from. But it’s certainly not Biblical. The Bible lists at least seven people who committed suicide. Some were heroes – some where villains. But nowhere in the Bible does it tell where the final destination of any of those persons was. (Judges 9:54, Judges 16:29-31, 1 Samuel 31:3-6, 2 Samuel 17:23, 1 Kings 16:18, Matthew 27:5) I am not arguing that suicide is not a sin. But as with all sins, suicide is not unforgivable. Perpetuating such a ridiculous notion to the contrary is unnecessarily cruel to the survivors and is therefore decidedly *un*Christian. What say we drop this ignorant superstition for good?

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