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The bad place.

What Does the Bible Say About Your Soul?

The following is a selection of Bible passages regarding the soul, it’s origin and final disposition: Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man … Continue reading

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Why this Existence Probably Resembles “Hell” Much More Than It Does Heaven.

Our capacity for pain seems far greater than that for pleasure and engaging in any activity that alleviates the pain or affords us any pleasure is usually a punishable offense by law or consequence. Our bodies were clearly designed for … Continue reading

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Objection to Christianity #9: Why Would a Loving God Punish Anyone In Hell For Eternity?

First off, there is no Hell – not in the modern sense of the term anyway. Jesus promised eternal life only for his followers. Everyone else just dies and their souls are destroyed. End of story [Romans 6:23]. The fiery … Continue reading

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Is Christianity a Hard Sell To Major Depressives?

I’ve been thinking about why Christianity may be a hard sell for major depressives. First, happiness and joy are completely alien and abstract concepts. The closest thing they have are euphoria and oblivion (probably the reason for the common chemical … Continue reading

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