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Don’t do it.

Do Suicides Truly Hate Themselves?

I think another common misconception about people who commit suicide is that they must truly hate themselves in order to go through with it. Perhaps with some this may be true. But with many, what they truly hate is the … Continue reading

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Imagining Clinical Depression

Imagine, if you can, having just tragically lost everything and everyone you have ever loved yet something has blocked all memory of it just out of conscious range and replaced it with a false reality. That sounds like the premise … Continue reading

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The Coward’s Way Out?

Suicide has little if nothing to do with cowardice. In fact, some might tell you that it is only cowardice which has kept them alive. It is just as hard for a depressed person to kill themselves as it is … Continue reading

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You Do Not Have the Right To Kill Yourself

Some people think that suicide is a victimless crime. It isn’t. Suicides are not just killing themselves. That would still be very tragic. They are also killing every person they are to other people: They are killing their spouse’s spouse. They are killing their children’s parent. They  are killing their parents’ child. They are … Continue reading

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Does The Bible Say That All Suicides Go To Hell?

I don’t really understand where the supposedly “Christian” idea that all suicides go to Hell comes from. But it’s certainly not Biblical. The Bible lists at least seven people who committed suicide. Some were heroes – some where villains. But … Continue reading

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