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Back to the future.

Back to the Future

Suppose you could go back in time to relive last week. Winning the lottery would be a cinch, right? Wrong. Even if you memorized the winning numbers from last week’s lottery, chances are, they would be different this time around. … Continue reading

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One-way Ticket To Anywhere In the Universe

I was just ruminating on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity today and realized that you could theoretically travel anywhere in the universe in less than a year (your time). Let’s suppose you hopped aboard a rocket ship, destination 14 billion light years away.  This … Continue reading

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Is Time Consistent?

How do we know time travels in one direction at a consistent pace? If time went backwards we would forget the future and all evidence of it would be undone. If it sped up or slowed down our awareness would … Continue reading

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Was the Resurrection Really Supernatural?

I was thinking about the Resurrection today. At first blush, we might say it was supernatural – that is – against the laws of nature. Dead means dead, right? There’s no coming back from the dead without supernatural intervention.  But … Continue reading

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Pure Speculative Fantasy on the Creation of the Universe

If we start with the premise that there is nothing more than the observable universe, we are stuck with seemingly inescapable conclusion that the universe could not have been created because there was no time or space prior to the Big … Continue reading

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