A Change of Perspective

Imagine, if you will, being the smartest person in the world – a scientist, say, working tirelessly on a cure for cancer. You love humanity but interpersonal relationships are difficult. You often come off as aloof, distant, even cold. Now, imagine one morning you wake up and either through disease or an accident in the lab, your massive intellect is gone. You are merely “normal”. You are still *who* you are but are no longer *what* you were. Obviously, you can no longer do what you did but you still love mankind. So you “take it to the streets” helping however and wherever you can. Now, even though you are essentially the same person, people see you as kinder, more accessible even warm. This is how I wrap my head around the whole God becoming a man, thing. Not a perfect analogy, of course, but none are. First, it was no accident and second it leaves out the Holy Ghost part of the Trinity but I see that as being the essential “youness” that makes you you in this analogy.

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