Objection to Christianity #3: There Is Just One God, Not Three

trinityFor the most part, Christians believe in the Trinity, a triune deity. This is not three separate gods but one God with three separate natures or sides. It is easy to imagine the analogy of a triangle with three sides – red, blue and green. Each side is not exactly like the other yet all are required to make a complete triangle. This analogy is an oversimplification, of course. The true nature of God is infinitely more complex. But it may be interesting to note that every color, shape and letter on your computer screen is made of red, green and blue. Anything less than that  would be incomplete and simply not work. The Christian concept of God would be incomplete without the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In the Bible, the Son, Jesus, sometimes talks to and of the Father as if He were a separate entity. This is not unusual, even for human beings – think of all the conversations you’ve had with yourself. Multiple parts of your personality come into play when making any decision. Freud had a name for three distinct aspects of human personality, the id, the ego and the super-ego. All three are required to make up a single healthy person. If human beings can have three separate natures, why can’t the God who made us in His own image? Comparing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the id, ego and super-ego respectively may be a specious analogy. However, it may give us at least some small insight into the dynamic interrelationship of the three sides of God’s personality.

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