In the End, Does Everyone Get What They Deserve?

7c937ac0fe1b46f1e2c952f07888934dAlthough this seems to be the general consensus among religious or spiritual people, I do not believe this notion is correct. At least, I hope it is not. When I think really think about it, who ultimately deserves Heaven? In it simplest terms, Heaven can be thought of as an infinite “reward” for a very finite amount of “good”.  That’s not equitable. If someone deserves a reward, it should be commensurate to the task. Supposing someone lived an impeccable life, should the reward be greater than the life itself? I don’t think so. That is where the Grace of God comes in. Even at their very best, a person can never deserve an infinite reward. However, should they be fortunate enough to receive it, it is purely God’s gift.

The notion of Karma, or people ultimately getting exactly what they deserve, is not very Christian. Christians hope for infinitely more, in the end.  It is ludicrous for a Christian to think in terms of someone deserving Heaven more than the next guy.  Neither of them deserve it at all. Heaven is not something that can ever be earned in a single human lifespan, no matter how “good” a person supposedly is. Therefore , in the strictest sense, Heaven can not truly be a deserved reward. It can only be a “gift” from God.

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