Does Everyone Really Want To Go To Heaven?

maxresdefaultThere’s a popular country song that goes, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to go now.” It got me thinking about Heaven again.
If a person really believed in Heaven and that it was an infinitely better place than this Earth, how could they not want to go there immediately? Is it an instinctual fear of death, perhaps? What if death was not on the table, as in the pseudo-scriptural concept of the Rapture? Would people want to go right now in that case? Would you? If not, why not?
If one considers Heaven to be like winning the spiritual lottery why would one wish to wait? Consider having the winning lottery ticket and opting to do mundane tasks like mowing the yard, cleaning the house or even waiting until you have a day off at work to collect your prize. Most people would want to collect their winnings immediately, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t there be an extreme sense of urgency?
Perhaps financial gain is not an appropriate analogy as there are undoubtedly those who are happy with their current financial situation. But almost everyone wishes for something better in some aspect of their existence. Why would anyone wish to postpone the realization of their most cherished desire for as long as possible? It just makes no sense to me unless:
1) They do not truly believe in Heaven;
2) They do not truly believe that Heaven is a much better place than this Earth; or
3) They are afraid they will not like Heaven as much as this Earth.
No one really knows exactly what Heaven is, so the first two are excusable for lack of imagination. As for addressing the third, Heaven, as I understand it, is a special place reserved for God’s chosen. It is God’s perfect world, infinitely better than the one in which we now reside. But unless one is unwilling to forgo sin and imperfection, Heaven might seem a bit restrictive. “No Sin Allowed,” as it were. Anyone of the third type, therefore, necessarily loves their sin(s) and imperfections more than the immediate prospect of Heaven itself.
If you are not truly eager to go to Heaven right now, if called, you might ask yourself, “which sin(s) am I unwilling to give up.”

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