“Fake It Till You Make It”

happy_maskThe point is, if you continue to act as if you are the type of person you really want to be, you might occasionally forget you are “faking it”. From experience, I can tell you it sometimes works — if you can keep it up. Sure it’s a beautiful lie but we all wear masks every day. As long as you are wearing one anyway, why not put on an attractive mask? Try to act happier and more confident than you really feel — you are hurting no one,  not even yourself. In fact, you’ll be doing everyone, including you, a favor. (Matthew 6:16-17) If you act like someone you want to be around, you might even grow to stand your own company. But be warned: it takes a lot of energy, especially if you are depressed, so don’t overdo it at first.  Think of it as emotional exercise. It becomes easier with time.

It’s important to share your true feelings with someone but not everyone and not all of the time. In the meantime, try to act better than you feel. if you do a good enough job at it, you might even fool yourself.

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