Fuzzy Particles

Laser_speckleI am certainly no scientist but if I understand Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the concept of Schrödinger’s cat properly, then electrons, at least, are “fuzzy”.  What we call the electron is actually the densest “core”. The electron is actually is the size of the universe but it’s density is relative to the probability that its core would be at a particular point. All electrons overlap to some degree but their cores cannot occupy the same space and time.

This would explain a lot for me – gravity for instance. If electrons overlap they must absorb some of other matter’s energy through “friction” thereby causing them to be weakly attracted to one another. And I for one, have still not completely given up on the whole Aether theory that scientists were fond of during the turn of the last century. Perhaps light propagates through fuzzy particles rather than a vacuum. True vacuums (nothingness) don’t really exist, even in space.

Again, not a scientist – I’m probably way off the mark in a hundred different ways.

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