Is God Truly Omnipresent?

galaxyFor a thing to exist everywhere simultaneously, it must be completely insubstantial. Otherwise, its matter or substance would have to be infinitely dense because the concept of true omnipresence would not allow any empty space between the subatomic particles of which it is comprised. Not only would this require infinite mass, there would be no room for anything else to exist in the universe. So for God to be omnipresent, He must be completely insubstantial and immaterial. Perhaps God is like space-time itself. Space is everywhere, after all. It moves, undulates and grows like a living creature.
Pantheism envisions that “God is everything <–> everything is God”. If there is nothing that is not God, then the term “God” is indistinguishable from the term “everything” and therefore ceases to have any true meaning in and of itself. PanENtheism, on the other hand, maintains that God is everything and more, the seen and the unseen, the knowable and the unknowable. In other words, God transcends the universe.

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