Is God Truly Omniscient?

eye-nebulaTo truly know everything, God must know the future as well. The Uncertainty Principle seems to make this impossible. An electron’s location is completely unpredictable and as such can never be known at any given time.
Philosophically speaking, if the future can be known then it must be just as concrete as the past – it already exists (at least in essence). Free will is a delusion if there is only one possible course of action. Where there is no free will there can be no errors. Computers have no free will or intention and therefore cannot make errors. They process information the only possible way they can given their software and hardware parameters. What are often incorrectly called, “computer errors” are truly human errors. They result from faulty programming, manufacturing or user input. It must be true that errors exist (how can this be an erroneous statement?) -> therefore free will exists -> therefore the future is changeable and cannot be known. If God cannot know the future He cannot be completely omniscient.
However, the multiverse hypothesis suggests that for every possibility there has ever been, a separate universe exists where that possibility has occurred. Again, for God to be omniscient, each one of these universes must be predetermined as well. There are a finite number of possibilities in a finite universe no matter how large. If a universe exists for each of these possibilities wouldn’t each of these universes be necessarily predetermined? Perhaps our diverging awarenesses tend to follow the paths of our original intent. So that this version of me that is experiencing this reality is doing so because of all the choices I have made up to this point. This would seem to satisfy the notion of free will. Perhaps it would also go some degree toward explaining the apparent influence of an observer’s expectation in quantum mechanics.
If all possibilities exist, we may have some degree of control over which reality we actually experience, i.e. free-will. And God may also be omniscient.  In this case, it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice, it can be a both/and. God knows which decision you are going to make — you are going to make all of them.

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