Is God a Mind… Pt. 2: What of Jesus?

Fridolin_Leiber_-_Pater_nosterIf God is indeed a mind, then what of Jesus?  In the Hindu tradition, the one God has many incarnations known as Avatars.  In the Christian tradition God has only one incarnation, Jesus. It is not inconceivable that an empathetic God would wish to experience humanity first hand. But how would a transcendent God do such a thing? In your thoughts and dreams don’t you often imagine yourself in the first person – not merely as a disembodied observer but as your real, living, breathing self? This is your Avatar, so to speak. It is fully you but not wholly you. But in your deepest thoughts and especially in dreams, doesn’t the line between Avatar and Self become indistinguishable?  Don’t you feel pleasure, pain, fear and joy as deeply as if it was your true whole self? Perhaps God did this as well when He became Jesus. Perhaps God wanted to have a full human experience from conception to death.  Jesus was fully human and fully God but perhaps not wholly either.

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