How Do You Know You Have the Right Religion?

1024px-Symmetric_religious_symbols.svgHow do you know you have the right religion, I mean, other than fact your religion’s holy books say you do? Lets face it, there are literally thousands of religions in the world. Chances should be pretty slim that you’ve stumbled on to the right one by ‘accident’, right? So really, how do you know?

My answer is that I feel it in my heart. That’s a pretty weak argument, I know. But, hey, it’s good enough for me right now. On the other hand, when periods of doubt come, and they do, it sometimes pays to be a little more analytical.

A good analytic framework to use is: a) Is my religion logically consistent? In other words, is my belief system logically coherent and non-contradictory? b) Is my religion empirically adequate? Is there plenty of evidence to support my belief system? c) Is my religion existentially relevant and does it answer all the big questions like origin, ethics, meaning and destiny?

Read apologetics literature for your religion, does it all seem to make perfectly good sense? Read a little criticism as well. Does the apologetics or the criticism seem to make a stronger case, in your opinion?

What’s in it for you? This obviously seems a bit selfish but ultimately that’s what you’re looking for, isn’t it? Comfort, answers, happiness, peace, love, salvation, eternal life – what are the promises of your religion? Which is most important to you? Do the promises clearly seem to be being fulfilled among its followers?

Finally, look to the people. Do you want to be more like them? Are you excited to be part of their group? Or do you feel a little uncomfortable and out of place?

If you can give a personally satisfactory answer to all of these questions, it seems like you have found the right religion for you. Who am I to say any different? Personally, I’m strongly partial to Christianity. It fulfills all of my criteria for being the “right” religion for me. But perhaps it is not your cup of tea. Is there such a thing as an objective universal  truth? I truly believe so, but of course I  could be wrong.

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  1. Nick Herron Nick Herron says:

    Well one thing I do know is that if your religion tells you that you should kill non-believers. You better find a different religion.