Was Mary Magdalene a Reformed Prostitute?

Guido_Reni_-_The_Penitent_Magdalene_-_Walters_372631I heard it again the other day: “Mary Magdalene was a reformed prostitute.” This came from a preacher, no less. He should have known better. Absolutely nowhere in the Bible does it state that Mary Magdalene had any kind of profession, much less that of prostitution.
Far from an honest mistake, this rumor was probably started by the early Church for the sole purpose of defaming Mary Magdalene. As a woman, she figured far too prominently in the Gospels for the misogynistic Church. Her image had to be tainted somehow. And voila, she was fashioned into an ex-hooker. How’s that for spin?
The Catholic Church has since renounced its position on Mary Magdalene, so these days, anyone who makes the prostitute reference is ignorant, at best. For those who should know better, it may be a strong indication of misogyny.

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