The Multiverse: Can You Die?

MultiverseOne interesting aspect of the multiverse hypothesis is that you can not die — at least while it is still possible to live. No matter how serious the harm or injury, if it is survivable, you will survive. Don’t get me wrong, there are universes or timelines in which you die. In fact, you probably die every single day in some alternate universe.  I am speaking in terms of your awareness, not others. Every possibility represents a point of divergence within the multiverse hypothesis. In the universe(s) in which you die, your awareness ceases to exist, so that avenue is closed to you.  By necessity, your awareness continues only within the universe(s) in which you live.

Don’t try this at home! I wouldn’t go experimenting with this hypothesis.  It is far from being a provable scientific theory. Even if it is true, it doesn’t mean you are invulnerable. You can get seriously wounded, maimed and mutilated, just not mortally so. And unless it is possible for you to live forever* in some timeline, you may eventually die.

*Christianity says this is possible.

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