Objection to Christianity #2: Jesus Is Not God

Meister_Bertram_von_Minden_009If Jesus is not God then who was He?  Some people condescendingly say that He was great teacher.  The problem with this is that the most important thing He taught was that He was in fact God. If this is incorrect, then He couldn’t have been a great teacher.  In fact, if Jesus is not God, He must have been 1) a liar, 2) a madman, 3) a fool or 4) terribly misquoted.

First of all, Jesus clearly believed the things he taught or he certainly would not have suffered and died for them.  This eliminates “liar”. Secondly, several modern psychiatrists have analyzed everything that is known about Jesus and have unanimously determined that He was not insane. This eliminates “madman”. Next, from all of His other teachings, it is obvious that Jesus was unprecedentedly wise.  This eliminates “fool”. Finally, Jesus and all his apostles (save one) were horribly executed for believing Jesus was God without a single recantation among them. This leaves no reasonable doubt that Jesus was quoted correctly in this regard. This eliminates “misquoted”. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said that “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”  So what do we have left? Only the option, “Jesus is God” remains. This certainly sounds improbable at first blush but once you consider all the extraordinary corroborating evidence, it is by far the most logical choice.

Ask yourself these things: Can an all-powerful God not become a man and have a fully human experience? Would an empathetic and loving God not want to experience His creation first-hand? If this God has had the power and desire to become a man, wouldn’t someone like Jesus fit the bill, perfectly? If so, then why couldn’t Jesus be God?

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