Objection to Christianity #24: Being a Good Person Is All that Matters.

Good_eggThose whom we call “good” are not truly Good but “better than average”.  Some people may be far better than average but they are still not completely good. Jesus said that “only God is good”. Many people seem to think there is some sort of average behavioral dividing line where people who rise above it go to Heaven and people who fall below it go to Hell. That is not at all the case.  Only someone whose life was completely without sin would deserve to be saved.  History has recorded only one person who was without sin and that person’s name was Jesus. No one deserves God’s Grace. Grace is a gift that, by definition, is completely undeserved.

The Bible teaches that If anyone is to be saved it is only through the undeserved gift of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We have only to fully accept that gift. Christian action, what some would call “good behavior”, is not an attempt to reconcile oneself with God. A Christian’s good behavior is simply the natural result of the love and gratitude he or she feels toward Jesus.

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