Perfectionism? Bah! There is not now nor has there ever been a perfect person. Sinless yes but perfect no. Everybody that has ever lived has made boneheaded blunders. That is part of the human experience.When the Bible talks about being ‘perfect’, a better translation would probably be ‘complete’. How can we be complete without our intrinsic ‘imperfections’? What we need to work on much more than our actions themselves is the *motivation* for our actions. That, I believe, is where sin comes in. Whatever we do purely out of unselfish love is rarely sinful, even if it turns into a big pile of steaming ‘broccoli’ in the end. Yoda was wrong, by the way: There is only *try*. We can only control what we *try* to do. The results are up to God. (Just in case you couldn’t tell, I’m mostly ‘preaching’ to myself here)

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