Pure Speculative Fantasy on the Creation of the Universe

If we start with the premise that there is nothing more than the observable universe, we are stuck with seemingly inescapable conclusion that the universe could not have been created because there was no time or space prior to the Big Bang in which to have created the universe. The paradox here is that science shows us that all events are caused*.

But If a) all events are caused
and b) there are no possible a priori causes for the “Big Bang”.
then c) the “Big Bang” must have an a posteriori cause, i.e. retro-causality.

Who’s to say that time’s arrow points only one way for the Creator. If evolution proceeds along it’s current path, at the end of time, wouldn’t some sort of an supremely evolved intelligence be inevitable?.  I am aware of some modern theories that suggest that time travel may be indeed possible, albeit currently unimplementable with our current technology and resources. But if ever at some point in the future time travel is eventually realized why couldn’t this superior Intelligence retroactively create the universe? And why couldn’t this intelligence guide the development of the universe in such a way as to facilitate it’s own creation?  Couldn’t this go very far as to explaining why God may have created life in the first place?  Be fruitful, multiply and evolve.

The universe is unimaginably young relative to it’s projected lifespan.  On this planet alone, life has exponentially gone from a single-celled organism to complex self-aware creatures such as ourselves in just a few billion years. The Earth itself is expected to be inhabitable at least another few billion years.  What will life be like then? It seems a safe guess that there will be some sort of life-form relatively more sophisticated than us than we are to a single-celled organism. But long before the Earth dies a natural death, it is practically inconceivable that Earth’s dominant lifeforms would not have developed the means to propagate upon some more hospitable world and continue to evolve. And if not Earth then perhaps some other planet which harbors life.

Universe: 13.75 Billion years old ~ Earth: 4.5 billion years old ~ Life: 3 billion years old ~ Life expectancy of the universe 34 billion years (at least).

Given enough time, it is necessary for all possible things to occur.

If time-travel is indeed possible, then it will occur (or has already occurred). And if once why not a thousand or an infinite number of times. All this time the time traveler(s) will have continued to evolve. Whereas the universe’s timeline is finite, the time traveler(s) timeline could be infinite. Imagine an infinitely evolved being! Doesn’t that sound a lot like God?

Personally, I believe that the Creator, God, transcends both the time and space of this universe so I don’t necessarily believe all this speculation to be true or relevant. But it is an interesting idea to try and wrap your head around, don’t you think?

*Particles pop in and out of existence all the time with no apparent cause but that does not mean there isn’t one. Cause and effect is what science is all about.

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