Religion vs. Science: Will There Ever Be a Compromise?

CMB_Timeline300_no_WMAPWill religion and science ever be compatible? Religion accepts authority as truth while science accepts truth as authority. While religion and science may sometimes agree isn’t this just a matter of mere coincidence?

If science contradicts some of the specific “facts” in the Bible, does that mean the Bible is wrong or science? More often than not, it is religion which eventually concedes to overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. There are notable exceptions such as the Big Bang Theory which proves the universe has a beginning as maintained by religions such as Christianity. Prior to that, the prevailing scientific opinion was that the universe was eternal. But this sudden paradigm shift had nothing to do with any religious influence. It was a theory based on observable facts. All similarities were purely coincidental as far as science is concerned.

My point is that while religious belief often succumbs to science, science never succumbs to religion. For science, there is absolutely no concession.

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