Rules of the Universe

william_blake_god_as_an_architect_print (1)One of the definitions of “God” in my dictionary is “ruler of the universe”. Some may deny that the universe has a ruler but it certainly has rules. The rules of the universe cannot be broken. The rules of the universe are not necessarily the same as the “laws of physics”. As the so-called laws of physics are inventions of man reflecting his limited observation of how the universe seems to work. The laws of physics evolve with man’s understanding while the rules of the universe remain constant. Our scientific understanding has exploded exponentially over the last 1000 years so it is safe to say that 1000 years from now our current “laws of physics” will seem at least as archaic and laughable as those a thousand years before. But in all this time, the true rules of the universe will not have changed.

Did the rules of the universe exist before the universe itself? Why are the rules the way that are and not something else? Does “something” keep the rules of the universe constant? Perhaps a better question than, “Who created the universe?” is “Who created the rules of the universe”. Perhaps this “thing” we call God is that which both created and maintains the rules of the universe. Just a thought.

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