Scientific Proof of God: Is It Even Possible?

Blake_ancient_of_daysIf God is exactly the same everywhere, He would be impossible to detect scientifically. If God was not exactly the same everywhere, He would not be the God of my understanding. Scientific “proofs” of God should therefore be of no interest to me, right?
This is totally subjective on my part. Here, I’m thinking God’s physical essence like the proverbial “Aether” that Michelson and Morley were trying to find at around the turn of the last century. Only more elusive than that as everything, not just light, propagates through it. If the universe is basically just a hologram, as it now seems to be, the “holographic plates” would be undetectable other than by inference as they would be made of a “real” material totally alien to our “unreal” physicality. In other words, judging our unreal physical existence as real, we would have no tools by which to measure something that is actually physically real. We would call it infinite, eternal, transcendent etc. and just confine it to the realm of mathematical illusion.

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