Sex and Violence In the Media

weapon-424772_640Why is America so violent?

Could it be the values we inadvertently teach our children?

We sometimes allow children to view the most disturbing images of sadistic murder and violence imaginable with little more than a tacit warning.

And yet, it is literally unthinkable to allow a child view a graphic depiction of two married heterosexual adults making love in the missionary position.

Some may argue that sex is a private act. But then again, isn’t murder even more so? And yet we callously flaunt that in all its gory detail.

It has been argued that graphic violence encourages violent behavior in children. It has also been argued that graphic sex would encourage promiscuity in children. Perhaps there is truth to both arguments. However, it is consistently the sexual content that is most heavily censored.

How can anyone logically argue that this does not send a confusing message to our children that sex is somehow worse than violence?

Perhaps reexamining our cultural values (and rating system) is long overdue. [Luke 11:34]

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