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What If You Don’t Want To Live Forever?

If a Christian does not want to live forever, can he or she opt out of the eternal life thing? At first blush, this may seem like a rather bizarre question. After all, who doesn’t want to live forever? But … Continue reading

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What Is The Kingdom of Heaven Like?

Jesus never actually gave a detailed description of the Kingdom of Heaven that was recorded in the Gospels. Instead He explained the Kingdom of Heaven in similes, metaphors and parables: He put another parable before them, saying, “The kingdom of … Continue reading

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Does Everyone Really Want To Go To Heaven?

There’s a popular country song that goes, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to go now.” It got me thinking about Heaven again. If a person really believed in Heaven and that it was an infinitely better … Continue reading

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In the End, Does Everyone Get What They Deserve?

Although this seems to be the general consensus among religious or spiritual people, I do not believe this notion is correct. At least, I hope it is not. When I think really think about it, who ultimately deserves Heaven? In … Continue reading

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Why this Existence Probably Resembles “Hell” Much More Than It Does Heaven.

Our capacity for pain seems far greater than that for pleasure and engaging in any activity that alleviates the pain or affords us any pleasure is usually a punishable offense by law or consequence. Our bodies were clearly designed for … Continue reading

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Proper Names for God From the Bible

God’s name is not actually “God”. That is just one of His many titles. The Bible calls God by many proper names – most commonly YHWH or Yahweh. However, there are many other names for God from the Bible. “Elohim” (or Elohay) is … Continue reading

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A Brief History Of God

It may surprise some people to know that El, not Yahweh, was the original “God of Israel”—the word “Israel” is based on the name El rather than Yahweh. He was the chief of the Canaanite gods, described as “the kind, … Continue reading

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Transvestite Angels?

When I think of angels, the first thing that pops into my head is a singing woman with wings and a halo like you might find perched on the top of a Christmas tree. Apparently, something peculiar happened to angels … Continue reading

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Objection to Christianity #9: Why Would a Loving God Punish Anyone In Hell For Eternity?

First off, there is no Hell – not in the modern sense of the term anyway. Jesus promised eternal life only for his followers. Everyone else just dies and their souls are destroyed. End of story [Romans 6:23]. The fiery … Continue reading

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Famous “Biblical” Terms and Verses NOT Found In the Bible

Here’s a very short list of popular “Biblical” terms and phrases which just so happen *not* to be in the Bible. I’ve attempted to attribute them to the proper sources: “This, too, shall pass” ~ Attar of Nishapur (Sufi poet) … Continue reading

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