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Is Christianity a Hard Sell To Major Depressives?

I’ve been thinking about why Christianity may be a hard sell for major depressives. First, happiness and joy are completely alien and abstract concepts. The closest thing they have are euphoria and oblivion (probably the reason for the common chemical … Continue reading

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Is Satan’s Name Actually “Lucifer”?

The Bible (older translations) lists the name, Lucifer, only once – Isaiah 14:12. It is clearly in reference to a Babylonian king, possibly even Nebuchadnezzar. In context, it has nothing to do with Satan. The name, Lucifer, simply means, “morning … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Ever Say That All Christians Go To Heaven?

Jesus never said that his followers would *go* to “Heaven” per se. He repeatedly indicated that the “Kingdom of Heaven” would *come* to them. To me, that seems like a pretty big difference. As far as I can ascertain from … Continue reading

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The Rapture: Entertaining, Yes. But Is It Biblical?

“The Rapture” is actually a fairly recent theology invented in the 18th century by the fanatical puritan, Cotton Mather (think Salem witch trials). It is almost entirely based on Mather’s specific (mis)interpretation of 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17. I think this theology … Continue reading

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Objection to Christianity #24: Being a Good Person Is All that Matters.

Those whom we call “good” are not truly Good but “better than average”.  Some people may be far better than average but they are still not completely good. Jesus said that “only God is good”. Many people seem to think there is some … Continue reading

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Objection to Christianity #19: Christianity Is Too Exclusionary – Only Christians Go To Heaven.

First of all the jury is still out on whether even Christians go to Heaven. The Bible is rather ambiguous on the subject. The same goes for Hell. Most of the imagery we have for these places has developed over … Continue reading

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