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Why God Created Man

Believe it or not, the Bible frequently does address why God created man. If you are searching for the meaning of life, you need look no further than the pages of your trusty old Bible: Then God said, “Let us make man … Continue reading

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What Is The Kingdom of Heaven Like?

Jesus never actually gave a detailed description of the Kingdom of Heaven that was recorded in the Gospels. Instead He explained the Kingdom of Heaven in similes, metaphors and parables: He put another parable before them, saying, “The kingdom of … Continue reading

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Literalism Vs. Inerrancy Vs. Infallibility

It is important to distinguish between the related, but separate concepts of biblical literalism, biblical inerrancy, and biblical infallibility. Some are used interchangeably depending on who you ask. But going by strict definitions for reasons of precision, however, they are … Continue reading

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Everyday Blasphemy

We’ve all said them. Most of us have used at least one of these common expressions, anyway: God d@mn it! Jesus Christ! Thank God! God bless you! Praise the Lord! For God’s sake! Oh my God! Good Lord! By God! … Continue reading

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Objection to Christianity #3: There Is Just One God, Not Three

For the most part, Christians believe in the Trinity, a triune deity. This is not three separate gods but one God with three separate natures or sides. It is easy to imagine the analogy of a triangle with three sides … Continue reading

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