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“Fake It Till You Make It”

The point is, if you continue to act as if you are the type of person you really want to be, you might occasionally¬†forget you are “faking it”. From experience, I can tell you it sometimes works — if you … Continue reading

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Avoiding Anger

Anger. I do not recall a single time in my life that I am glad to have been angry. People talk about righteous anger. I don’t know about you but for me all anger feels ‘righteous’ at the time. In … Continue reading

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Does The Bible Say That All Suicides Go To Hell?

I don’t really understand where the supposedly “Christian” idea that all suicides go to Hell comes from. But it’s certainly not Biblical. The Bible lists at least seven people who committed suicide. Some were heroes – some where villains. But … Continue reading

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Is Christianity a Hard Sell To Major Depressives?

I’ve been thinking about why Christianity may be a hard sell for major depressives. First, happiness and joy are completely alien and abstract concepts. The closest thing they have are euphoria and oblivion (probably the reason for the common chemical … Continue reading

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Depression and Indecision

Why are major depressives so indecisive? I believe, from personal experience, that they wish to avoid regret. Don’t we all? But in the major depressives case, they know that any decision they make will inevitably lead to regret. How can … Continue reading

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Praying about Depression

I believe praying for God to remove your major depressive disorder is about as effective as praying for Him to remove your diabetes. It may work – God can do anything, after all. I seriously doubt it is likely, however. … Continue reading

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