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Why Are Christians Not Considered Jews?

Jesus Christ, the undisputed founder of Christianity was undoubtedly Jewish, both ethnically and religiously. He never set out to start a new religion but to fulfill the old. [Matthew 5:17] So why are today’s Christians not considered Jews? Clearly there … Continue reading

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Literalism Vs. Inerrancy Vs. Infallibility

It is important to distinguish between the related, but separate concepts of biblical literalism, biblical inerrancy, and biblical infallibility. Some are used interchangeably depending on who you ask. But going by strict definitions for reasons of precision, however, they are … Continue reading

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Mythological Beasts in the Bible

There are quite a few fanciful creatures mentioned in the Bible. Some descriptions are simply symbolic and are meant to represent certain nations, people, or ideas in prophetic visions. These creatures were probably never intended to be taken literally. Other passages, … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Have a Sense of Humor?

I had something of an epiphany (little ‘e’) a while back. I had been struggling with certain passages in the New Testament in which Jesus says things that seem totally bizarre or incongruous. Then, it finally hit me: duh! He … Continue reading

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Does the Bible Ever Call Itself the “Word of God”?

Not exactly. The closest it ever comes is 2 Timothy 3:16-17, where it says scripture is inspired by God. Assuming, for the sake of argument, this epistle was not pseudepigraphical (it was) and that Paul was infallible (he was not), … Continue reading

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Objection to Christianity #13: The Bible Is Full of Errors

There is no such thing as a perfect translation so there are bound to errors in this regard. But beyond that the Bible is chock full of hyperbole, metaphors, poetry, parables and morality tales which probably should not be taken literally.  True, … Continue reading

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