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Religion vs. Science: Will There Ever Be a Compromise?

Will religion and science ever be compatible? Religion accepts authority as truth while science accepts truth as authority. While religion and science may sometimes agree isn’t this just a matter of mere coincidence? If science contradicts some of the specific “facts” … Continue reading

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The Supernatural is Unprovable

The supernatural can never be scientifically proven because it ceases to be “supernatural” once sufficient scientific proof is obtained. It is then considered to be a completely “natural” phenomenon.

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One Hundred and One Proofs that God Exists

 ( Adapted from a page by Atheists of Silicon Valley. ) This is adapted from an atheist website. It points out how ridiculously absurd some of the arguments for God’s existence actually are. Fellow believers, please don’t take offense — I just … Continue reading

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Science Is Usually Wrong

Yes, science is usually wrong. By wrong, I mean inaccurate. The margin of error may be vanishingly small but it is error nevertheless. Consider that few scientific theories have a shelf-life of more than a couple of centuries before becoming … Continue reading

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Rules of the Universe

One of the definitions of “God” in my dictionary is “ruler of the universe”. Some may deny that the universe has a ruler but it certainly has rules. The rules of the universe cannot be broken. The rules of the … Continue reading

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Was Jonah Swallowed By a Fish Or A Whale?

The Bible says, “fish”. Popular culture says, “whale”. I think this may be a rare instance when popular culture got it right. The problem occurs when we attempt to apply modern taxonomical nomenclature to sea creatures of Jonah’s time. The … Continue reading

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Dark Matter?

Recently, I was reading an article about ‘dark’ matter (a theory originally proposed to account for the non-newtonian rotation of the galaxies). It occurs to me, however, that Einstein already dealt with that in his Theory of relativity. We assume … Continue reading

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Proven Miracles

No miracles can ever be scientifically proven – because whenever they are they immediately cease to be miracles and become scientific fact. When you stop and think about it, all of science is really just a succession of proven miracles.

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Lost in Translation?

I think scientists and theologians are basically on the same path. The main difference is that scientists believe that God’s native tongue is more akin to mathematics rather than Hebrew or Greek.

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Fuzzy Particles

I am certainly no scientist but if I understand Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the concept of Schrödinger’s cat properly, then electrons, at least, are “fuzzy”.  What we call the electron is actually the densest “core”. The electron is actually is … Continue reading

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