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Scientific Proof of God: Is It Even Possible?

If God is exactly the same everywhere, He would be impossible to detect scientifically. If God was not exactly the same everywhere, He would not be the God of my understanding. Scientific “proofs” of God should therefore be of no … Continue reading

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Is God a Mind In Which Our Universe Is Only a Thought?

It’s easy to create a universe.  First, imagine a Big Bang in which the stuff of the universe spews outward and slowly congeals into stars, planets and other astronomical matter. Next, imagine that one of those planets you’ve just envisioned … Continue reading

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Pure Speculative Fantasy on the Creation of the Universe

If we start with the premise that there is nothing more than the observable universe, we are stuck with seemingly inescapable conclusion that the universe could not have been created because there was no time or space prior to the Big … Continue reading

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