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How Can a Soul Think Without a Brain?

Consider that the more damaged or diseased our brains become, the less we can think, remember or perceive. What then happens when our brains are completely dead? Do we quit thinking altogether? What are the implications for the afterlife? Do … Continue reading

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Objection to Christianity #9: Why Would a Loving God Punish Anyone In Hell For Eternity?

First off, there is no Hell – not in the modern sense of the term anyway. Jesus promised eternal life only for his followers. Everyone else just dies and their souls are destroyed. End of story [Romans 6:23]. The fiery … Continue reading

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What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell?

In popular culture, Hell has become place of eternal torment. The Bible, however, does not support this common misconception. In the Bible, Hell is simply the place where the soul is permanently destroyed – a second death, if you will. In … Continue reading

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