Do Absolutes Exist?

Sparrow_wingsWith very few exceptions, there are no absolutes in this universe. There exist only varying degrees of probability. Even the old Newtonian “laws” are more accurately “rules of thumb”. We now know that although it is extremely likely that a rock will fall to the ground when released from a person’s hand it is never an absolute certainty. The possibility always exists, however remote, that it will spontaneously turn into a sparrow and fly away. It is also possible that it will cease to exist altogether. Matter and energy spontaneously pop in and out of existence on a continual basis. Our minds love patterns and we perceive absolutes where only large percentiles exist.

Even when we speak of such abstract absolutes as Goodness, Truth and Perfection, they do not exist in this universe save as divine attributes of God. But God is transcendent, existing both within and outside the universe. As imperfect mortals ourselves, we can only sense His divine attributes, never fully experiencing them first hand.  And due to the limited nature of our consciousness, it is doubtful we could recognize an absolute attribute of God’s divinity were we in it’s presence.

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