Who Is The Antichrist?

Signorelli-Antichrist_and_the_devilMany people think of the Antichrist as a political figure who will appear during the Tribulation. The Bible does not support this. “Antichrist” is a word coined by the apostle John to describe any person who denies Christ.  There have been, are now and will be countless “antichrists”.
What people are thinking of, I believe, is the Beast from Revelation written by John of Patmos. The “antichrist” and the “beast” are not interchangeable names for the same being. The two Johns are most likely not the same person either but that’s another story.
As for the Beast being or resembling a human, that is open to interpretation. Taken literally, it is a multi-headed chimera which does not resemble a normal human being at all. Taken metaphorically, it could be twisted to mean anything at all, I suppose. But that opens the door to discounting the entire book of Revelation as a hyperbolic metaphor.

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