Without God I Am Nothing

Wide_Field_Imager_view_of_a_Milky_Way_look-alike_NGC_6744Without God, I am as lonely and insignificant as the smallest microbe on a mote of dust in the most forgotten corner of nowhere. With God, I am an integral part of everything. God gives my life meaning beyond whatever empty pursuits I subjectively find momentarily meaningful.
How could I bear the stark existential horror of a nihilistic existence within a pointless universe? It is not I who am in denial and perpetual self-deception but those who must labor daily under this bleak philosophy. I couldn’t be atheist or even agnostic. Believe me, I’ve tried. But for me, God is as real as gravity. For me to deny either would be to live in a dangerous delusion. Perhaps I can’t adequately define *what* God is and perhaps I don’t really understand how God *works*. But just like gravity, I feel His constant presence.
I wonder, what did people think made apples fall before Isaac Newton? Perhaps some day we shall have a scientific theory of “God” that even the most hardened skeptics will accept and understand. Until then, the rest of us will just have faith in this mysterious force which binds us all together.

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